Cosfans recently sat down with their Community Manager and Ambassador, Amber Sonata, to ask her some questions about her career as a cam model and clip star. Her interview video goes into a bit more detail (link to come!), but here’s the rundown!

You have 240 characters to summarize your personality, go! 😀
Puppies, veganism and cute things! I love cosplay but I’m broke af, I moved to the Netherlands in February, and my bf and I have been together since 2011! Fun fact, most of the people in Amsterdam “coffeeshops” are tourists.

What’s your favorite anime, video game or tv show?
I play video games more than I watch tv (surprisingly); my favorite right now is Stardew Valley, but overall I love most simulators. I sunk a lot of hours into Tropico 5 when I had a PS4, and have lost many a day playing The Sims!

If money were no object, what character would you most like to cosplay, from any form
of media?
ALL OF THEM. No, but really, I’d like to do the Red Woman from Game of Thrones. Kinda simple, but still, I found a costume for her on Amazon that was like holy crap expensive. That, or Shiro from No Game No Life. She’s the little sister character and she’s so cute!

What do you do in your free time? (no judgment!)
Lately I’ve been reading a lot of books about sexual health, and also playing video games. I just got a PS2 and I played through the first Sims game. It’s surprisingly harder than I remember! I’ve also been playing a lot of racing games. I’ve done some FPS games, but I’m not a huge fan in general, I like casual simulators.

Do you make your own cosplay, commission others, or buy manufactured costumes?
At the moment I’m buying manufactured costumes, but I’d really love to be able to make my own. I have made slight modifications to the costumes I buy, and it’s really fun, so I’d like to that on a larger scale.

Is cosplay more of an art for you or more about feeling sexy/attractive?
Right now, cosplay is more about feeling sexy for me. I really love the feel of the spandex bodysuits. But I definitely see it as an art form and that’s part of why I want to make my own.

Crunchyroll and chill or Netflix and chill?
Crunchyroll all day, every day.

Do you read any manga, or do you prefer to watch shows?
I like manga, but I usually only read it if I’ve watched the show and I want to get all those little pieces of story that the show couldn’t.

What character have you had the most fun playing as (doesn’t have to be sexually fun, can be just the roleplay/dress up aspect)?
D.Va has been the most fun for me. It’s funny because I actually find her character to be a little irritating in-game, but I love the look and feel of the bodysuit, and it’s fun to be so high-energy.

What was your least comfortable costume?
Tracer, most definitely. I couldn’t wait to get that costume off. The jacket was really stiff
and hard to move around in, and the belts only made it that much worse. Not to mention, the pants were extremely high-waisted and no matter how much I tightened the band, it would fall back to my hips every time I bent over. The whole suit was just…yuck.

Anything else you’d like to say?
Not really, just thank you for the interview and I’m having a great time with Cosfans and I can’t wait to see what everyone puts out next!

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