Cosfans recently had the privilege of interviewing the lovely Brook Logan from the UK! She’s already a successful model and is gaining traction on Cosfans as well. The link to her video interview will be up shortly!

Did you cosplay before becoming an adult model?
No, I never! I didn’t do any cosplay at all, it’s only been a recent thing which I am really starting to enjoy very much.

What nerdy thing are you secretly into?
Well, I would say…I love watching the Harry Potter films over and over again, I could just watch them all day long and not get bored of any of them at all.

How do you get wigs to stay on your head?
Normally when I buy wigs they come with a hair net. So I have to put all my hair back, pull the net over it, make sure it’s tucked into this net, and then slide on the wig. The wig normally has two clips so you can clip it onto your head and it makes it really tight. And that’s it!

Any pro makeup tips?
I’m not a makeup artist so I can’t really tell you very much, but I would say the best tips I can give you girls is having a good selection of bright lipsticks and eye shadows so it can match all your nice cosplay costumes. They don’t all have to be bright, they can be literally any colors, as long as you have a good selection.

Is there a model you looked up to when you were starting out?
Yes, there was! It was my very lovely friend Chloe Toy. She’s very big on cosplay, all her outfits are stunning, all the pictures of her I’ve seen of her in her cosplay outfits are absolutely fabulous, so I kind of looked to her pictures and thought it was something I really wanted to do. So here I am, cosplaying it up!

Which cosplay model would you most like to work with?
I would love to work with literally all the girls on CosFans because we love cosplay, we love dressing up, we’re all kinda the same that way. I think it would be really fun if we all got together and had a crazy cosplay shoot. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

What’s your favorite fetish to film? It doesn’t have to be in a sexual way, just one you find fun to play with!
Well, there are so many, but of course it has to be cosplay! Because I get to dress up and still be sexy.

You’ve done a couple cosplays for DC/Marvel characters; is there a side you prefer?
Hmm, no there’s not a side I prefer. Like I said, I love cosplay, I love dressing up, I love all the fun of dressing up, and the funky makeup. I love it all, there’s no side I prefer. I absolutely love dressing up in all my outfits.

What company do you prefer to get your dildos from?
Let’s see…Ann Summers and Lovehoney; and the one I really want to try is Bad Dragon. I’ve seen so many girls use them and they look so cool and different.

What change would you most like to see within the adult industry itself?
I’d like to see cosplay porn take over of course! ;P Nah, I’m joking, this is a tough one!

You know, I’ve seen quite a bit of bitching in the adult industry, so I would say, people calm the fuck down, and let’s just get on with each other, let’s just do what we love! And carry on being fun and sexy and make the fucking most of it!

Final words?
I really hope you enjoyed my blog, and if you love my cosplay, you like my outfits, then please feel free to check me out on Cosfans! Bye for now!

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