Cosfans recently had the opportunity to ask our own Deanna Deadly some questions! Read on to get to know her! Please check out her Cosfans store here and show her some love!

You have 240 characters, summarize your personality, go! 😀
Determined, kinky, nerdy!

What’s your favorite anime, video game or tv show?
Tie between supernatural and doctor who

If money were no object, what character would you most like to cosplay, from any form of media?
A latex version of dr Mrs the monarch!

Which cosplay model would you most like to work with?
I havnt really spent the time to follow many other models in the last few years!

Do you make your own cosplay, commission others, or buy manufactured costumes?
I unfortunately have not had the money to buy anything other then very cheap costumes

Is cosplay more of an art for you or more about feeling sexy/attractive?
I think it’s both!

You can only eat one food for the rest of your life, what do you pick?
Vegan pizza

Do you read any manga, or do you prefer to watch shows?
Prefer shows but love books!

What character have you had the most fun playing as (doesn’t have to be sexually fun, can be just the roleplay/dress up aspect)?
I’m sure id have so much fun cosplaying as any character on my wishlist of cosplays!

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