Cosfans recently had the opportunity to ask our own Ami Mercury some questions! Read on to get to know her! Please check out her Cosfans store here and show her some love!

You have 240 characters, summarize your personality, go! 😀
I’m quirky, campy and off-beat, but also down-to-earth. The self-professed fetish model of a thousand faces, and a legend in my own map.

What’s your favorite anime, video game or tv show?
My favorite anime is Sorcerer Hunters; favorite video game is Battle Chef Brigade; favorite TV show is The Orville

If money were no object, what character would you most like to cosplay, from any form of media?
Taarna from Heavy Metal or Garona from Warcraft

Which cosplay model would you most like to work with?
Alluring Ali (Twitter: @AlluringAli25)

Do you make your own cosplay, commission others, or buy manufactured costumes?
I try to make most of my cosplay items, but sometimes I’ve bought manufactured ones. When I first started making them I would buy Simplicity or McCalls patterns and modify them, but in recent years I’ve been able to construct my own patterns. Learning about Instamorph moldable plastic and polymer clay for making jewelry and accessories has helped a lot too.

Is cosplay more of an art for you or more about feeling sexy/attractive?
I’d like to think it’s a little of both, depending on the costume. I really appreciate the artistic devotion that goes into creating cosplay, but there is something kind of sexy about getting to “live” as one of your favorite characters for a day.

You can only eat one food for the rest of your life, what do you pick?
Meatball subs with black olives and extra cheese

Do you read any manga, or do you prefer to watch shows?
I love manga! In some ways I like manga more than anime, but I think that’s because I also illustrate comics. I feel like with manga I’m able to take my time and really focus on the artwork, that’s not as easy in a TV show.

What character have you had the most fun playing as (doesn’t have to be sexually fun, can be just the roleplay/dress up aspect)?
It’s either a toss up between Emeraldas from the Harlock Saga or Link from Legend of Zelda. The Harlock Saga is a much older anime, so only a handful of people recognized me as Emeraldas, but the ones who did were so enthusiastic! My boyfriend, at the time, dressed as Tochiro and one of my friends as Maetel so we were a whole Harlock cosplay group. We even found a Harlock cosplayer at an event, and I’m still friends with him to this day. Cosplaying Link was fun because so many people knew who I was. I had lots of other people ask for pictures, and hugs. One girl ran up and “glomped” me and then quickly apologized for it, but I didn’t mind at all. I was just flattered by how excited she was. Like with Emeraldas, I made friends while dressed as Link that I still have today.

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