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Making Cosplay Affordable

Making Cosplay Affordable Written by Amber Van Sonata Probably the worst thing about cosplay is the price tag that comes with it. Usually pretty hefty, it requires a slew of skills to get the cost down while maintaining quality. And that is what we’re here to discuss today. When you […]


Sexy or Lewd Cosplay?

Sexy or Lewd Cosplay? Written by Amber Van Sonata There has been a lot of debate ever since the rise in popularity of cosplay, as to whether or not the people engaging in lewd, or even sexy, cosplay actually care about the community and the characters they dress as. The […]


A Brief History of Cosplay

A Brief History of Cosplay Written by Amber Van Sonata Many people believe that cosplay was started or invented by the Japanese, but in truth, while the concept of cosplay as we know it was popularized by Japan, dressing up in costume, even outside the context of Halloween, has been […]